Being relished all over the world, French cheeses are produced in historically developed territories, from which the names of many cheese varieties come from.

Today, one can not only touch a real work of cheese-making art, but also look at the manufacturing process, ripening, as well as taste and purchase cheeses of various varieties.

For the preparation of cheeses, we use only the best cow's milk, natural sourdough and genuine French technologies.

Le Payet is our signature cheese brand!

It is cheeses with a washed crust that created France a reputation as the homeland of the most aromatic cheeses.

The surface of the soft varieties of cheese is carefully washed with a special brine by hand, during the entire ripening period. It results in a bright, rich aroma and delicate taste with a creamy tint. Even the most jaded gourmets are delighted with such a contrast!

Our soft variety with a noble mold and washed crust was appreciated by the jury of the leading international cheese contest World Cheese Awards.