Tel.: +7 (499) 112-02-12


Address: 143031, Moscow Oblast, Odintsovo District, Aksinino,163

Aeronautical information:Frequency: 134.4 mHz - "GORKA"
RTC (radiotechnical communications) and LNA (lighting navigational aids) LIL (low-intensity lights)

Coordinates of the heliport ARP: N55'44'17, E037'00'10

Location:1 km northeast of Aksinino

Above airfield elevation: H air. 137.0

Purpose and nature of use:GA

Four-letter pointer (index) of the heliport:UUTSK (УУЦК)

Working hours:05:00-17:00 Air Training Center

Operation on the sideline as agreed. On the day of arrival / departure in 3 hours prior to the event.

Reception / release of individual aerial vehicles.

The heliport operates during day / night.

All types of helicopters weighing up to 16,000 kg.

Warning: The heliport is located on the border with the restricted area UUP63.

Sheremetyevo - tower at a frequency of 119.300 MHz

Meteorological minimum: Day Visual Flight Rules – 150x2000
Night Visual Flight Rules – 450x4000

Sector closed for flights: Am 336° -52°, bearing area from D.1.0 to 1.5 km, N = 0-300 m
Am 49° -82°, bearing area from ARP to 0.2 km, N = 0-150 m

More detailed aeronautical information to be found in the Aeronautical Information Collections for CFD aerodromes.

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