On the eve of its 40th Anniversary, a true legend of the Russian helicopter industry, unique in every possible way, the MI-38 aircraft landed at the innovative Gorka heliport.

Advanced technical equipment, trendy design solutions for both the exterior and interior of the MI-38 helicopter make it totally unique.
In July 1981, the Council of Ministers of the USSR decided to start designing a new helicopter called MI-38M. Since then, a lot has changed, including the opinions of critics who used to be rather skeptical about the competitiveness of this model in the global market.
The internal equipment with an ergonomic flight and navigation system makes the rotorcraft’s control easier and safer; with a maximum take-off weight of 15.6 tons, the helicopter can take on board up to 5 tons of cargo.
Of particular note is the advanced six-bladed main rotor design that provides low vibration and high thrust, whilst the innovative X-shaped tail rotor delivers good controllability and significant noise reduction.
Leaders of RVS JSC who arrived on board the new MI-38 helicopter highly appreciated the infrastructure of the Gorka heliport and its capability of receiving high-tonnage aircraft.
At the end of the press conference, the MI-38 helicopter headed for its permanent base at the Tsiolkovsky Kaluga International Airport.
We wish to express our gratitude to the leadership and staff of Russian Helicopters JSC for their achievement of the MI-38 impressive performance, through their hard and scrupulous efforts.
No doubt that the modern MI-38 helicopter that complies with all international safety standards will find its customers in Russia and far beyond.