The project on the opening of the ATC on the basis of the heliport was being implemented all through the year. 

During this time, training programs and the teaching staff have been formed, while the classroom was fit up with the latest technical training equipment.
After the aviation training center received the appropriate licenses from the Ministry of Education of the Moscow Oblast and the Federal Air Transport Agency, the training programs for engineering personnel on Bell 505, Robinson 44, and Robinson 66 helicopters have become available.
Svetlana Derbentseva, Managing Director of the "Gorka" Heliport, has claimed that the goal of opening an aviation training center at the "Gorka" Heliport is to more efficiently develop small aviation in Russia and to increase the level of flight safety. 
The opened center is veritably innovative, not only in its technical equipment, but also in its approach to curriculum development. 
The head of the "Gorka" Heliport Center is a real professional, the author of many academic developments in the field of aviation Malygin Valery Nikolaevich.