17th international Dubai Airshow, which was attended by more than 150 countries and about 1,300 enterprises, has now come to an end. The event's scale and aesthetics exceeded the expectations of even the most vicious critics, making it clear that the global aviation industry is recovering from COVID-19.

Notably, enterprises from Israel joined the airshow for the first time, due to the normalization of UAE-Israeli relations.

Russia was there as well, with its entire Aurus range, including not just the eponymous car but also the Ansat helicopter and a business jet. The visitors were not unappreciative of the Checkmate military aircraft either. A number of major business deals were made at the Dubai Airshow, involving Boeing and Airbus.

It is important to highlight that the deal between Airbus and Indigo Partners for the supply of 255 airliners amounted to more than $30 billion. The United States' ongoing active sanctions against Russia could not keep Boeing and VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation from increasing investments in the supply of new titanium components for the Boeing 777X.

The Dubai Airshow has opened up great opportunities for aerospace startups thanks to the VISTA project: a unique chance meet the key people in the industry and global-ranked investors. This program allows for both launching, scaling and upgrading startups. Vista and Dubai Airshow co-hosted conferences, discussions, and special mentoring tables that brought together the world's best startups to discuss the latest innovations and technologies.

As the aerospace industry is steadily moving along a path of recovery, most organizations are returning from short-term survival to planning the long-term priorities for scaling up their services; something that is actively facilitated by innovation.

In a sense, the VISTA project has become a defining vector for the development of aerospace enterprises in the coming years. The aspects of this development include artificial intelligence, future mobility, software, space, aerospace, materials science, cybersecurity, defense, tourism, robotics, drones, and sustainable development.

And, of course, the stunning daily plane and helicopter show is well-worth noting too.

See you again in 2023!