Dear friends! We would like to wish a very happy upcoming 2022 to our amazing team, as well as to our partners and clients!

With each passing year, we become an increasingly innovative company capable of solving even the most complex problems. Once, we never could have imagined that all our plans and dreams might become a reality — and yet they have, all thanks to our most precious asset, the professional team!

With the knowledge and experience brought in by our employees, we at the Gorka Heliport have been able to claim new victories in the sky and down on the ground. We have a steadfast commitment to high standards and new technologies.

Our company has always valued its image and high trust from partners and clients, inspiring us to achieve excellent work performance and generate value for the aviation market.

2021 has been a successful year for us, and we have managed to prove to our numerous friends that we are reliable and that we enjoy working as diligently as we can: qualities that have earned us official certification as the distributor of Airbus helicopters.

In 2022, the Gorka Heliport will continue following through on its obligations, soaring to the heights of evolution and balanced governance, and thus enjoying optimal operation results. May the new year bring us all stability, well-being, and warmth in our homes and our hearts!