Gorka Heliport, an innovative business aviation center, is a blue chip and fast-growing company specializing in sales, maintenance and deployment of various types of helicopters.

Throughout its existence, the company has proven to be reliable and smooth-running business.

Due to high-priority principle of our operation based on the professionalism of our employees, GORKA Heliport Innovation Center established itself as a leading choice in the aviation services market.

The company’s employees receive continuous training and probation at the world’s best aviation training centers, improving their theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

GORKA Heliport creates comfortable and cozy working environment for its employees. The complex has all the necessary infrastructure, including a recreation area and a food court.

The program propagating the profession of maintenance technicians ensuring civil aircraft flight safety and continuing airworthiness is one of the priorities of the national policy of the Russian Federation.

The management of Gorka Heliport is paying special attention to the development of advanced professional training program for young specialists, and invites all those who wish to embark upon a career in the company.

We implement the GORKA Heliport development program that allows you to build a successful career with us. The program is aimed at introducing the work package to ensure maintenance and necessary actions to maintain civil aircrafts in airworthy condition.

A career at Gorka Heliport Innovation Business Aviation Center is not only a fancy job, but it also provides opportunities for your professional growth.

To gain admission to the program, submit your CV to GORKA Heliport address gorka@gorka.aero