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At the Gorka heliport there is a restaurant for all guests, where you can have a cup of coffee or a snack, waiting for departure. Just stop by for lunch with your family or celebrate the event in a cozy banquet hall, designed for 70 guests.

The kitchen of the restaurant has distinctive features: the best and highest quality products in an unusual serving, with an amazing combination of traditional flavors.

No time at all? Our restaurant has excellent on-board meals for pilots and passengers.
Come and come! For breakfast, lunch and dinner!

The restaurant is located in the most environmentally clean place in the Moscow region, next to the famous Nikolina mountain.
Spend the weekend with your loved one in an amazing place where the smooth surface of the water, full of pond fish, occasionally flinches from the roar of helicopter engines. Stay for some unforgettable hours on fishing - in our pond there are carp and white cupid. The chefs of the restaurant, with joy, will cook for you the caught fish.

We are waiting for you, happy flight!