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Heliport "GORKA" received the official status of the heliport of the 1st category

March 3, 2016 the heliport "GORKA" received official status and is certified as a heliport heliport 1st class.
Heliport included in the State Register of aerodromes and heliports Assembly of the Russian Federation, and is suitable for the operation of aircraft Mi-8, Mi-2, Aw of-189, Aw of-139, Aw of-109, Aw of-119, the Bell-430, the Bell-429, the Bell -407, R44, R66.
Heliport "Hills" is one of the most furnished and large-scale projects in the Central area.
All the necessary infrastructure for the organization of flight operations established at the heliport. Heliport is equipped with all the necessary means of ground support missions, the weather station, lighting equipment and communications.