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Exercises "LizaAlert"

15.04.2017 at the Gorka heliport took place the traditional exercises of the voluntary search and rescue team "Liza Alert" with the helicopter search and rescue unit "Angel".

The training program included:
- location of the missing person from the air
- evacuation of the victim from hard-to-reach terrain using the amphibian "Sherp"
- Practical classes on conducting prospecting works in the forest (search techniques, cartography, track, navigation, navigation and orientation, work with rescue equipment, communication)
- safety theory when working with a helicopter

The event was attended by about 200 people, several special vehicles, a detachment of search dogs and 12 helicopters.
The site of the exercises was properly equipped and prepared in accordance with all security measures.
The training conditions were close to real. Beginners and experienced volunteers who participated in the exercises, improved their skills in the search for missing people.