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As part of the heliport "Gorka" operates maintenance organization and repair of aircraft (Maintenance Organization)

Organization has Certificate, the scope of which covers the following types of aircraft: R44, R44 II, R66.


Material and technical base of the Maintenance Organization has office and storage space, equipment and means of satisfying requirements for the scope of work.

Premises are equipped with everything necessary to perform the Maintenance Organization, including planning, administration and production, quality management, maintenance and storage of documentation.

Warehouse (instrumental, picking) premises adapted for storage components, parts, assemblies, equipment, tools and materials. The conditions in the warehouses provide storage products conditioned in accordance with the requirements for them..

Maintenance Organization staffed necessary to carry out its activities in an amount sufficient to carry out the proposed scope of work.

The management staff of the organization responsible for:

  • Maintaining compliance of the MRO requirements FAP 145;
  • Compliance with the rules and procedures established by the Maintenance Organization;
  • Organize and manage the Maintenance Organization;
  • Quality control.