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Phone: 8 (495) 971-38-20

Address: Moscow region, Odintsovo district, s. Aksinyino, d.163

Senior Chief Aviation
Schetsov Dmitry
Phone: 8 (915) 281-21-81

FREQ: 134.4 MHz - "Gorki"
Coordinates heliport KTA: N55'44'19, E036'59'59
Location: 1 km north-east of the settlement Aksinyino
Excess: Naer.137.0
Magnetic Declination: +10 °

Purpose and character of use: ANI
Heliport operating day, as agreed night-
Warning: The heliport is on the border of the exclusion zone UUP63
Arrivals and service by prior arrangement.
On the day of arrival for 3 h.
The height of the exit to the heliport in agreement with the approach PDPP Vnukovo-1

Meteorological conditions:
Day VFR - 150h1000
Night VFR -450h4000

The sector closed to flights:
Am 336 ° -52 °, bearing D.1.0 coverage of up to 1.5 km, H = 0-300 m
Am 49 ° -82 °, the bearing zone of action of the KTA to 0.2 km, H = 0-150 m
Other aeronautical information in the Aeronautical Information airfields CFA.